Preparing kids for surgery and taking the scary out of anesthesia–the magic air!™


Did your grown-up say you need to have surgery?

That's pretty big news for a kid!

So, what is anesthesia?

It’s the go-to-sleep medicine.

It’s like magic air that makes you not feel or remember any of the surgery.

Then, when surgery is over, you’ll wake up!

But, don't worry!

You probably aren't too sure about this surgery thing.

That's why I made you this checklist, with ten steps that are just your size!

Then, you'll be ready.

What readers are saying:

This pre-surgery book is exactly the "prep" needed for children for surgery. Empowering and reassuring.

-Dr. Anne Byars, MD, FAAP

This takes all the complexities out of the surgical process and simplifies it in a manner that children will not only understand but enjoy as well. Smith masterfully injects a light-hearted tone into her work that would put even the most anxious child at ease.

-5 Star Review from Readers’ Favorite 

Every child having surgery needs to read this book! So cute and fun and makes anesthesia seem magical!

-Shelley Fowler, MSN, CRNA 

Thanks so much for creating this amazing book. It will benefit so many families and children.

-Laura Lovell, BS, CCLS, CPST. Certified Child Life Specialist

Excellent resource for kids worried about surgery to make it not so scary! I love how it explains what to expect and makes it fun.

-Dr. Whitney Ford, DNP, CPNP

Make sure your child is ready to tackle Surgery Day with this fun, read aloud picture book.

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